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New Story
New Story

Develop &

Design develop grow.

Develop &

We are Creative Marketing Engineers, creating constant progress. Our multidisciplinary team is committed to writing the next chapter of your digital evolution.

Why New Story

Recognition technology for Vogelbescherming

We put new technology to good use. Enjoy watching and capturing birdlife. Run your visual media through our engine to join our cause.

Bird on a tree

Designing relevant branded experiences with Sunny Cars

Rent a smile is the promise Sunny Cars aims to live up to every day. We help design, code and keep that promise.

rental car with open roof

Making wool cool for everyone with The Knitwit Stable

Want to change the world? Start with yourself. It works like a charm. Discover the beauty of producing sustainable woolen clothing.

Girl with knit

Disrupting the petrol industry with Peut gas stations

When oil multinationals started killing the entrepreneurial spirit of station owners, we created the independent alternative Peut.

Peut logo petrol industry

How we help artist & producer Josha Daniel grow his reach

Former Newstorian Josha is an upcoming artist and producer aiming to top the charts. We support him all the way.

Josha Daniel musician

In business,
there is no finish line

New Story helps your brand evolve and maintain relevance. By blending strategy, creativity, development and marketing technology together, we holistically explore new opportunities that drive your growth. We focus on what will come and always find room for progress.

How can we help?

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Usability research
Brand strategy
Visual identity
Experience design


Digital marketing
Business analytics
Data analytics

Today. Tomorrow. Together.

In today’s world you never truly know what tomorrow brings and what experts you will need. New Story believes collaboration is key. To align hearts and minds between all experts involved, our method of mapping works miracles.

A great place to grow

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New stories

There is a method to our madness. And stories that tell how we partner up for progress.

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Because we make good work together.

What's your story?

Whether it's a scribble, a blank page, a new chapter or revision - let's meet up to share ideas and ambitions. | +31 (0)71 364 11 11

The end is just the beginning