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Celebrating 25 years with a
new story

Back in '94 our founder Hugo de Bruijne took a leap of faith. Straight out of university he bought a black & white graphic Apple computer- hired an intern - and started his design agency from the attic of the minister's residence.

Many things have changed over the years. Yet the founding spirit is ever-present. We have never been afraid to dream big. To turn a page and start over. Our culture is fueled by ambition. 'Either you win or you learn' - this mindset has propelled progress in good and bad times. It helped us evolve from a two-man band to the full-fledged digital-driven design agency we are today.

We never wasted any crisis. Each spurred us to redefine ourselves and grow new relevance. The COVID-crisis lead us to rethink our purpose once again. More than ever we embrace change. We value change as an opportunity. As a strategy. When you commit to continuous change, your organization will evolve and thrive.

We walk the talk. In 2020 we planned to memorize our 25th anniversary with multiple events. Instead, we ended up celebrating a new name: New Story. Why? In times of transformation, you have to change the script.

Today we assist organizations in designing their digital services. By strategically embedding their brand values throughout the customer journey, we create experiences that speak volumes. Together they tell the true brand story.

Getting started is easy as 1-2-3

We favor a friendly voice. If possible, give us a call. In a free-of-charge workshop, we frame the scope of the project. We follow a tailored execution plan that is bound by budget and time.

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