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Josha Daniel
Josha Daniel

Josha Daniel no longer is a one man band

To us former Newstorian Josha Daniel is a.k.a. Josha van der Horst. As a commercial economics student he followed an internship with us. He stood out: intelligent, optimistic, ambitious, creative and hardworking. We were eager to welcome him at New Story - with open arms and many benefits. But he chose to pursue a career in music instead.

Sky is the limit

He skyrocketed his adventure as the centrepiece of a popular pop band called Silent War. Over the years his personal ambition slowly drifted him away from the band. Not being the type that compromises, he chose to move forward on his own - as Josha Daniel.

Dream of you

In his new chapter Josha discovered his talent for producing. The electronic dance music album Dream of You is the first promising project he released in late 2019. Dream of You blends different styles en genres together into a sophisticated spacious atmosphere. The album is gaining traction. In just a year, he reached over 2 million plays, just on Spotify. It's a promising start that has been followed up by his album Awake. Be sure to listen to it as well, as goes for the track Let Go - a collab with Armin van Buuren and Tom Staar.

Running a one-man band is like running a business

Next to writing and producing new music, there are so many other things that need attention. Like marketing for instance. In order to help him amplify his reach, we offered to sponsor Josha and help get his story and music out there. A lot comes into play. A lot of fun as well. We are going to enjoy his journey, just like the New Story soundtrack he developed for us.

Help us help Josha

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