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Maessen Tentsupply
Maessen Tentsupply

A merger calls for shared focus

If you ever visit festivals, events or posh garden parties, you’ve definitely been in a tent created by Maessen Tenten. The fast-growing company is active throughout the entire Netherlands. To keep up with market demand, Maessen Tenten maintained years of cooperation with the young organization TentSupply. In the first half of 2021, this partnership officially fused into one company and Maessen Tentsupply was born.

Managing Director Rogier Maessen stroke up a conversation with New Story. Not so much because he was looking for a new name, logo or corporate style, but mainly because he was looking for an approach which voiced and synchronized mutual insights and ambitions. Only shared focus creates the determination to strengthen the market position of both partners as one team.


"First a team. Then a tent. You may look good together on paper, but what matters eventually is to see the same speck on the horizon and both embrace the way there."

- Rogier Maessen


Moving ahead step by step

We didn’t start this endeavor overnight. First both organizations explored New Story’s approach, realizing that this process involves the commitment of a broad team. The process of mapping lets you gather insights step-by-step and methodically work towards shared focus. You have to remember that very many roads lead to Rome, but in the end there’s only one you can take. This is a journey you want to travel together. Get on too late or get off too soon and you might disturb the progress and energy that was collectively built.

Off to a flying start with the New Story podcast

The expressed commitment was lived up to. Everyone was present and prepared every single time. Especially to prepare a larger group for the upcoming workshops, New Story recorded a series of podcasts introducing our approach. Everyone can listen to these on their own time. Because of the thorough preparation the workshops moved along at an ideal pace. Too many sessions a week leave no time to reflect, but too much time in between gives plenty of room to lose the way.

From DNA to brand identity

Our workshops often talk about the Big 5: the maps that we follow with almost every client with an identity issue, such as Maessen Tentsupply.

  1. Explore map
    Macro, meso and micro analysis of the brand and the market

  2. Persona map
    Analysis of the desires and struggles of the target group

  3. Positioning map
    How the new organization wants to profile itself

  4. Story map
    The new organization’s elevator pitch

  5. Logo and Style map
    Visual components of the new brand

The organization has a strong reputation that delivers pure quality. You can experience this quality in the full service and not only once the tent is already up. From start to finish, expectations are created and fulfilled – with a smile. Which brings us to the heart of the organization: the people. However advanced their product may be, Maessen Tentsupply has a very simple philosophy: make the job enjoyable and the result will always end up being good. How to translate this to a visual brand identity? Sometimes you just don’t.

A brand is more than a logo

Customer care and fun are easy to translate into an identity. Just look at the travel agency Tui and their ‘Discover your smile’ slogan. Or take Coolblue who do ‘everything for a smile’. But Maessen Tentsupply doesn’t take a mass market approach. In a world where multiple suppliers want to gain the client’s favor, Maessen Tentsupply definitely stands out for its quality. Care for the finishing touch should be visible in the look. And what about the fun part? This is reflected in the complete customer journey, which lets you experience the service and the people of Maessen Tentsupply. They’re at your beck and call – with a smile. This is ultimately how the new organization wants to distinguish itself most.

A brand is always in motion

The Maessen Tentsupply brand stands, but isn’t finished. We took the vision and translated it to shared focus and a visual foundation. But we have done so in a way that leaves enough freedom to learn and to continue optimization. For this reason we rarely deliver a complete corporate style guide at the end of the identity process. The poster provides support to assess your future creations, at the same time leaving plenty of space to refine the brand.

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