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We provide happiness

Great! You made it this far. Guess you are eager to learn more about the vibe at New Story and any vacancies which might suit you. Whether you see a position or not, as long as you share our ambition to continuously evolve in an ever-changing digital world - please reach out to us. New Story is keen to catch your vibe. We are a learning organization and so, we much rather hire for talent and train for skills, than the other way around.

New Story is a creative digital agency that is always moving forward and working on a new chapter in the digital evolution of our clients. We aim to become better together, every day. For us, this all starts by committing to a workplace that drives happiness. Progress is the inevitable outcome.

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Coffee at the beach?

Want to catch the New Story vibe in the flesh? Reach out to our talent scout Samantha. She will arrange a date and time and try to hook on one ore two colleagues from your field of interest.

Contact Samantha