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Front-End Developer
Front-End Developer

Front-End Developer

Did you just finish your studies or have you been in the business for a couple of years now and are you looking to develop yourself in an inspiring working environment? Keep reading to find out if this job is the one for you.

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What you do as Front-end Developer at New Story

As Front-end Developer, you’re involved in the development and advancement of agile and scalable digital eco systems. Together with a team of various specialists, you’re responsible for devising, assessing, building and maintaining a wide range of solutions: from informative PWAs to complex Front-end systems. At New Story we want you to not only know what you’re developing, but above all why. This is the key to continuous improvement.

Your working activities in a nutshell:

  • Using Angular, you develop components isolated in Storybook and then test the operation through unit- and end-to-end tests.
  • You work together with Front-End Developers to make agreements about the data you need in the application.
  • You consult with UX/UI designers about the components you need to develop.
  • Improving the usability of digital environments.
  • Thinking about technical choices, such as our architecture, tools and processes.
    Analyze performance and indicate how to improve Front-End.
  • You work in a team. Preferably in sprints, but we also do waterfall trajectories.
  • Your code translates into beautiful design and relevant motion.

What we would like to see from you

‘Hire for attitude, train for skills’, is a mantra that fits New Story well. Do you fall short in certain areas and want to compensate with a healthy dose of eagerness to learn? Great, we give you the space and the environment to further develop yourself. We would like to start a conversation with you.

Here’s the list of qualities we’re looking for and it’s okay if you don’t have the Royal Flush:

  • You have a BSc or MSc, for example in the field of IT.
  • Working experience as a Front-End Developer.
  • You use the languages Javascript and TypeScript and you have experience with CSS frameworks (preferably Tailwind).
  • Experience with tech such as Angular, RxJS, React, Next.js, PWA's, Unit Testing and End-to-End Testing is a plus.
  • Speaking Back-End languages such as Golang/Python and PHP is a plus.
  • Developing in Storybook, BEM technology or Atomic design gets you excited.
  • You have good knowledge of tools like NX-monorepo, Jest, Playwright, SSR / Prerender and SonarQube.
  • You take ownership of the projects you work on.

  • You want to keep developing actively.

Diversity and inclusion

Whoever you are, wherever you’re from – you’re always warmly welcome. New Story’s international ambitions are growing and we would like this to be reflected in our team. We cherish a colorful culture, in which we help each other move forward and where everyone feels safe to make mistakes and especially to be themselves.

What you can expect from us

Needless to say you can expect an excellent salary and all the perks that come with good employer practices. But just as important is the environment that we offer. High on a dune and overlooking the sea, you’re immersed in a culture that is ambitious in a healthy way, where a team - diverse in age, experience and expertise - is putting in the miles together. You get the time to study to keep developing, perhaps in our innovation lab. We don’t feel much for linear learning processes though. Our ever-changing world constantly puts us all to the test. We trust in each other, look for solutions together and share the knowledge that we gain along the way. We often stick around after working hours to talk about the wildest projects.

The multidisciplinary nature of our organization allows you to look across the border of your own domain. You work together with experts that provide context to your working activities. You not only know what you’re making, but above all why. Is development important to you? You can’t escape it at New Story.

The hardware you get to work with

Good news for fanboys and girls: we work with ramped up MacBooks that connect to well-equipped working stations at the office. Since Corona we’re sure that your keyboard taps just as comfy at home, so we’ll help you with the set-up you require there as well.

New Story: the short story

We are Creative Marketing Engineers working to make progress every day. We believe that the growth of our Newstorians is ahead of our clients’ digital evolution. Our team consists of 70+ experts that can roughly be divided into strategists, creatives, marketers, UX-writers and a multidisciplinary group of developers. Together we make beautiful things that work. This is mainly reflected in the on-going development and growth of digitally driven platforms.

More about New Story

We take time

We’re glad to get to know you in person during a laid back conversation where you can be fully yourself. We prefer to discuss your motivation at the office, with a cup of coffee. This way you get a sense of New Story’s vibe.

E-mail your CV to Samantha den Boer at A link to an up-to-date LinkedIn profile is also fine with us.