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Progress requires partnership

Designing a compelling brand is complex. Insights, systems, cloud services, data streams, marketing channels, processes, hardware, expertise, legislation - you name it - they are all intertwined and subject to transformation. They need continuous alignment to support your customer journey in such a way that it becomes a meaningful branded experience.

We strongly believe that there is no such thing as a full-service agency. With new technologies and platforms emerging all the time, any agency is lacking relevant expertise at some point. Moreover, we encourage brands to work with any partner they feel confident about. Your brand deserves the best fit.

From a start-up in the attic, New Story has grown into the multidisciplinary agency we are today, counting 70+ specialists. In 26 years we have matured as a highly collaborative agency. To make life easy for all partners involved, we have processes in place to ensure you can work with any agency, yet experience a full-service approach. Our mapping method is a strategic enabler.

Partnering up with Joshua Daniel

Whether it is a large corporate or a one-man band, collaboration is key to advance. Check out the vid we made with our former Newstorian, artist & producer Josha Daniel. As goes for any brand story - his requires more than paper, a pen, or a keyboard. Stories aren't just written. They are imagined, then built; every angle explored. To progress in his game of inches he has to connect with a wide variety of experts.


Let's partner-up as well

Whether you are an ambitious brand or a partner who's eager to collaborate, please reach out to us to explore opportunities.

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