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How a new name made a claim to fame

Throughout the Netherlands, there are thousands of petrol stations. Over half of them are owned and run by independent entrepreneurs. Many have a contract with oil giants the likes of Shell, Esso, BP, Total, Tango, and Texaco. Around 2012 the relationship steadily grew worse. The multinationals were playing out their international strategy, whereas the independents had every reason to invest in local relevance. Increasingly the local petrol station owners got stripped of the freedom to run their own business.

The fight for freedom

In 2014 the petrol interest Group Beta took matters into its own hands and gathered a spirited group of independents. The mission was to put a halt to the arrogant attitude of the giants and create a level playing field. They started a collective called De Vrije Pomp (the free pump). From that day on, they would negotiate their own petrol prices at the world market and make up their own rules.

To be clear, the independents weren't aiming for an eternal break-up. They were fighting for better conditions, more respect, and the freedom to conduct local marketing. To emphasize the group meant business, they went one step further and announced they would launch their own petrol station brand.

New Story to make waves

Beta turned to New Story to help create an appealing brand that would be able to make waves. Two days of co-creation lead to a clear vision of the playing field. The final question was: are we going to fit in, or do we dare to stand out?

Two possible brand names came out on top. One that would fit right in: TankYou. And our favorite that contained a rebel yell: Peut (old forgotten word for fuel, alike 'petters'). We ended up with a hung decision. But after designing the two logo's, we cast away any doubt. Peut was the way to go. We wouldn't regret it.

Kickstarting storytelling

We pitched the theory that Peut would raise eyebrows and kickstart storytelling. And so it did. The new brand was all over the news: online, offline, and on-air. Peut was widely embraced by consumers, journalists, and players in the petrol industry. That year, the Shell annual board meeting - so the story tells - opened with a proud picture of Peut; warning that the landscape was changing.

Mission accomplished

Within a year the initial goal was met. The independents had regained the respect of the giants and won back the liberties they require to be a successful. Today Peut is still alive and kicking, outperforming established brands on net result. The reason is apparent: a strong brand has to fight every day to grow and maintain relevance.

Tank & Schenk

Peut has chosen to connect with local communities and businesses. With their loyalty program 'Tank & Schenk' (Refuel & Give) the brand each year donates a significant amount of money to local charities and (sports)clubs. That's how Peut has become the local love brand.

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